Bookkeeper, tax consultant in The Hague

Welcome to  website  Bee  On Duty!
I would like to  introduce myself.  I'm Tatiana Estax consultant and member of the Register of Taxfounder and owner of Bee On Duty.
After more than 30 years of experience within and outside of the Netherlands, I finally decided it's time to work for myself.
The companies  varied from  private  to  ministry.  I always combined  my work with  my study So I could apply theoretical knowledge to practiceI studied economy at an academy, accountancy at a university and taxes at College  Tax Advisors (College Belastingadviseurs). I have experience with mergers, strikes, analyzes, grants, business creation, developing a business strategy in economic and fiscal terms, the preparation of financial statements for all legal forms, etc.
My work is my passion, I love numbers and I work fanatically. I also  greatly  appreciate the  privacyIt is the professional obligation to remain silent about facts and data of third parties, that person in the exercise of his profession has come to know. All information will be handled carefully and treated with sensitivity.
Because of my perfectionism I am always eager to learn and develop. I love technology and innovations, so I work with good software like TwinfieldVisionplanner, Nextens, Basecone, NMBRS and other programs.
Bee  On Duty  is at your service!
Call now +31 (0) 6 449 40 225.